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At, you will be matched with an experienced legal overtime representative. Our network of lawyers will help you claim any unpaid overtime or unpaid wages. In addition, our team will also help you fight to protect your employment rights. Our network of lawyers is also available to defend employees should they experience any form of retaliation from their employers for pursuing a wage and hour claim. has been fighting for overtime related causes on behalf of the employee since 2002. We have fought dozens of FLSA overtime and wage related claims. Our experience tells us that employees are commonly taken advantage of by their employers. Overtime pay is not an optional payment made to employees by their employer, rather the law as described by the FLSA. We strive to create more awareness for overtime related abuse in the work place. If you believe you may have an overtime claim, please contact us today and we will have a qualified legal representative contact you as soon as possible.

If you are a legal professional interested in receiving more information about joining our network of lawyers, please click here. If you are an individual in need of expert legal advice in regards to FLSA or overtime related issues please click here.

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